Our Accreditation

The degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs offered by WAC University are accredited by ACOHE, Accreditation Council for Online Higher Education which is an authentication for its worldwide recognition.

WAC University has been awarded the accreditation status after complete screening and evaluation of its processes and the quality of education it provides. Accreditation from ACOHE declares, that WAC University is following the below stated standards:

(1) WAC University is a self-determined improvement institution and it enriches individual's lives;
(2) It provides concurrent education for adults who are involved in earning a living or homemaking;
(3) Employment-related pre-service and/or in-service education; and
(4) It helps individuals to pursue learning in an intentional and systematic fashion
(5) Matches the International Standards of education and learning

WAC University has been declared fully capable of upholding the responsibility of imparting quality education through its educational system.

About ACOHE (Accreditation Council for Online Higher Education):

ACOHE works towards setting and improving the educational standards of online institutions. The organization works with online institutions to assist them in building their capacity while formulating educational policies, strategies and standards by:

• Making sure that an online institution or a program offered by an online institution is meeting established standards.
• Providing assistance to prospective students in determining acceptable online institutions.
• Setting goals for self-improvement of weaker programs offered by online institutions and devising a general improvement of academic standards among online educational institution.

ACOHE's quality assurance framework for online universities encompasses the Online Universities Qualifications Framework (OUQF) and the varied roles of universities in imparting education around the globe.

For more information on ACOHE, log on to: www.acoheducation.com