About Us

At WAC, our students are not restricted to a classroom or a traditional environment. We have made the whole process of attaining an online education quick, easy and flexible. You are free to travel, work at your own pace and at the same time you can get enrolled at WAC and earn your degree.

WAC University has all the necessary support in place to make your experience of getting a online education simple, trouble-free and rewarding. Our students' counselors, administrators, staff and all support groups are here to make sure that they are always available for 24 hour assistance for all the prospective or current students.

Our Mission

At WAC, we continually strive to provide you with a superior and rewarding educational experience. WAC University is one of the largest and renowned universities that are operating online. The university provides programs and services that are most suitable to meet the learning needs of working adults. The mission of WAC University is to empower working adults to advance their careers or gain self-satisfaction. We strive to fulfill our mission by providing flexible online Degree Programs along with a wide array of flexible student services aimed at the needs of working adults.

Our Statement of Philosophy

WAC believes that as a leading online university it is its responsibility to set ground for quality education that could help any student to realize and achieve their true potential.

The WAC Advantage

We offer the best alternative to regular education. Our Degree Programs accommodates all types of students including working adults and job seekers.

We provide continuous and expert assistance to students and parents at every step of the process.
We provide you with a fully-recognized, globally accredited degrees.

Students Services @ WAC

24-hour Student Support Center: You can contact our 24-hour student support center even if you are not yet enrolled at our university. Our highly trained and professional staff members will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Lifetime Credential Verification Services:

WAC University provides FREE Lifetime Verification of your documents to your employer, university or anyone else. All the student credentials earned from WAC can be easily verified via our well-defined online document verification system, phone, fax and email.